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Network Analysis of Cancer, Studying Allostery by NMR, and Life in the Vogel Lab: the PLOS Comp Biol March Issue

Check out our highlights from the PLOS Computational Biology March issue:


Understanding Genotype-Phenotype Effects in Cancer via Network Approaches

March Issue Cover Image
March Issue Cover Image: Retroposon Insertion Statistics. Image credit: Churakov et al.

Cancer is now increasingly studied from the perspective of dysregulated pathways, rather than as a disease resulting from mutations of individual genes. Network-centric approaches have proven to be helpful for finding genotypic causes of diseases and identifying drug targets. Teresa M. Przytycka and colleagues discuss how networks can be used to help understand patient-to-patient variations, and how one can leverage this variability to elucidate interactions between cancer drivers.



NMR Methods to Study Dynamic Allostery

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy provides a unique toolbox of experimental probes for studying dynamic processes on a wide range of timescales, ranging from picoseconds to milliseconds and beyond. In this review, Martin Tollinger and colleagues present an overview of the NMR spectroscopic approaches for characterizing equilibrium fluctuations in free and bound states of allosteric proteins that have been most influential in the field.



Christine in the lab. Image credit: Christine Vogel
Christine in the lab. Photo courtesy of Christine Vogel

Systems Approaches to the Eukaryotic Stress Response


The Vogel Lab at New York University uses quantitative mass spectrometry, computational and experimental biology to investigate the regulation of protein expression in different bacterial and eukaryotic systems. In this Perspective article, Dr. Christine Vogel gives an insight into how she runs her lab, and how her team deals with the particular challenges emerging from their daily work.


Header Image Credit: PLOS



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