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6 Recommended Articles from PLOS Biology Editor-in-Chief Nonia Pariente

We asked our staff editors to share recent exciting, interesting, and thought-provoking articles from PLOS Biology. Here are Editor-in-Chief Nonia Pariente’s picks for our readers.

In vivo antiviral host transcriptional response to SARS-CoV-2 by viral load, sex, and age
From the Abstract:

“Collectively, our data demonstrate that host responses to SARS-CoV-2 are dependent on viral load and infection time course, with observed differences due to (…)”

Ecological rules for the assembly of microbiome communities
From the Abstract:

Here we develop ecological theory to identify factors important for microbial community assembly. Our method maps out (…)

Bacterial defenses against a natural antibiotic promote collateral resilience to clinical antibiotics
From the Abstract:

“(…) these results reveal an overlooked mechanism by which opportunistic pathogens that produce natural toxins can dramatically modulate the efficacy of clinical antibiotics and the evolution of antibiotic resistance, (…)”

A unifying structural and functional model of the coronavirus replication organelle: Tracking down RNA synthesis
From the Abstract:

“Our results provide a unifying model of the CoV RO and clearly establish DMVs as the central hub for (…)”

A comprehensive atlas of white matter tracts in the chimpanzee
From the Abstract:

“Here we offer, in comparative perspective, the first chimpanzee white matter atlas, constructed from (…)”

Vascularized human cortical organoids (vOrganoids) model cortical development in vivo
From the Abstract:

“This vOrganoid culture method could not only serve as a model to study human cortical development and explore brain disease pathology but also provide (…)”

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