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Q&A with Tiara Moore

We speak to Tiara Moore, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black in Marine Science, about her organization and her vision for the future of ocean research.

What first drew you to study ocean science?

Dr. Peter Phillips’ Tropical Ecology class and our trip to Costa Rica made me want to study marine science. I was on a boat collecting samples in Costa Rica and I was sold. 

What impact do you hope that your organization might have?

I hope that Black in Marine Science creates a generation of Black Marine Scientists that are supported and feel seen. I want them to feel comfortable with where they are and feel like they have a community around them. 

What would you like to investigate next?

We are starting to increase our international outreach by partnering with people in Africa and the United Kingdom who are dedicated to saving the ocean. We want to create an international community of marine scientists who all have the same goal. We now need to find the space that we need to do the research, and that’s where I have my ultimate vision for a BIMS Institute — a research and outreach facility dedicated to building inclusivity in science while doing innovative research.

Given all the platforms available, how did you decide to create BIMS TV?

I decided to create BIMS TV because I wanted to give a platform to Black marine scientists to tell their stories and inform the community. 

What is your advice for Black students interested in pursuing marine science?

Find a group of people that support you because the journey to becoming a marine scientist was lonely for me, and my advisor wasn’t the supporter I thought they should be. There are more Black marine scientists now than ever before so there is a community out there, please find it and also, join BIMS.

Interview edited by PLOS staff for clarity and concision.

Moore T (2022) Black in Marine Science: A new wave is here. PLoS Biol 20(10): e3001833.

Photograph of Tiara Moore

Tiara Moore is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black in Marine Science and Black In Marine Science Program Lead at The Nature Conservancy. @curly_scientist; @BlackinMarSci

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